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Personal blog about Product Management, startups, and everything in between. Receiving more widespread success than originally anticipated.


A stable version has been live since May 2017. This project will remain in maintenance for the foreseeable future.


The inspiration for launching this blog was the fragmentation of the product management profession. Every PM seems to have their own definition of what constitutes a 'good' product manager, to the extreme that an excellent product manager at Google could be considered horrible at a small dev shop. As a result, the kind of advice that makes the front page of Hackernews is not applicable to 90% of product managers.

My goal is to facilitate meaningful conversation in the realm of product management. I don't believe this is happening frequently enough; if this project manages to put a dent in this problem, I would consider it to be a success.


Toddzilla is a modified Ghost theme torn from scratch. Some of the added logic:

  • Article widgets (recent articles, related articles, etc.)

  • 'Work experience' widget

  • Custom social widgets

  • Additional non-standard features (reading time calculator, etc)


  • Ghost
  • Sass
  • Handlebars
  • Nodejs
  • Express.js
  • jQuery
  • Gulp


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