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Personal website which explains who I am, kind of. This site uses images from my life and simple cynicism to give people a taste of what I'm about. Something like this would likely be better suited for a .com, but that domain was recently parked on Toddzilla and I'm now too afriad to damage my SEO from constant DNS switches. This site may just get lost in the internet.


This site is done and hopefully won't be touched for a while. This was intended to be a quick simple launch so that I wouldn't become obsessed with tweaking yet another domain with my name in it.


In the past my "personal websites" have always been ridiculously ambitious to create. Even just prior to launching this site, I beleived my "personal website would be one to utilize numerous JS libraries to create some extarvagent statement about my life. This time around, I realized that nobody really cares.

I don't really know why I started building this in the first place - probably because I bought too many domains containing my name and it seemed stupid to waste them all when I could be generating more SEO. Either way, I now consider this to be the headstone I'll leave behind when I die, when somebody wonders who this asshole with so many websites could've been.


There are no features, that's the point. You're lucky this is responsive.


Oddly enough this site is built on Express, likely out of habit at this point. That's pretty much it - I didn't even bother to use CSS preprocessors, because I figured I didn't want to look at this site for more than a week.


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