Personal blog about Product Management, startups, and everything in between. A stable version has been live since May 2017. This project will remain in maintenance for the foreseeable future.
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A custom Tumblr template optimized for automated syndication. Originally an SEO push in disguise, Roblog has evolved to build backlinks and effortless online presence with the help of robots.

Personal website which explains what I do, quantified in numbers. Currently a work in progress which will come to include the all the milestones I've accomplished over the last 8 years, executed in a manner which resumes cannot. and similar services are third-parties service which consolidate an individual's online presence. These services are being leveraged to park domains on high-ranking SEO pages.
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A JIRA/Trello alternative which covers the needs of product managers more so than product managers. Highly ambitious project gauging interest amongst investors and potential external developers.

A mobile application which aggregates new music releases sourced from blogs and indie artists. This project stands as a response to the past decade of countless fallen music startups, thanks to the greed of the music industry.


A community aimed to focus on the lighter side of 'bro' culture. Looks to change the narrative associated with young males and eliminate the negative connotations associated with the phrase.
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le blazé

Product A fun web app celebrating a special time of day, every day. Status A working bare bones version is currently live. The final product will be much more ambitious than what currently exists.